M.Eng. Program

A one-year master’s program with a focus on hands-on engineering practice and design, the M.Eng. degree prepares students for a professional career in engineering or other problem-solving positions, or for further graduate study.

Educational Goal

The Master of Engineering program prepares students for professional practice in the Biomedical Engineering field. Students will acquire a broad perspective of the biomedical engineering discipline that complements their undergraduate training in engineering or science and an in-depth knowledge of an essential professional leadership in biomedical engineering. Graduates will be equipped to design biomedical devices and develop therapeutic strategies within the bounds of health care economics, the needs of patients and physicians, the medical device regulatory environment and the ethical standards of biomedical engineering practice.

Program Mission

To form professional engineers capable of: 

  • Identifying, screening, and validating unmet clinical needs. 
  • Addressing these needs by inventing, designing, developing, and deploying innovative and value based technologies.

Common Objectives

Students enter the program with many different strengths and backgrounds and they will pursue many different potential career pathways. With that in mind, we have devised a curriculum that is rich and flexible while providing a well-defined and bounded process. 

Independently of our student’s career goals, we have a few concurrent objectives: 

  • Provide a better understanding of the many different facets and dynamics of the healthcare industry. 
  • Expand and deepen technical and scientific knowledge within our student’s areas of interest and focus. 
  • Develop professional acumen. 
  • Provide the opportunity to work on real life and current design challenge.


M.Eng./MBA Degree

For selected students there is also the opportunity to pursue both M.Eng. and MBA degrees in a combined program.