Maegan Rudolph

Maegan Rudolph, Undergraduate Senior

"After graduation, I’ll be moving to San Francisco and working as an Associate Consultant at Trinity Life Sciences...I knew that healthcare consulting specifically would allow me to apply the analytical skills I have developed in BME while continuing to learn about a variety of areas within healthcare and medicine." Read more

Ana Elhom

Ana Elhom, Undergraduate Senior

"The next step for me after Cornell is being a Decision Analytics Associate at ZS Associates which is a consulting company that works with a wide array of clients including many pharmaceutical and biotech companies." Read more

Sophia Windemuth

Sophia Windemuth, Undergraduate Senior

"I will be pursuing an MS/PhD at Columbia in the BME department as an NSF fellow....I am so excited to take this opportunity to incorporate everything I've learned at Cornell and start my own research project on drug delivery to glioblastomas." Read more

Stephie Lux

Stephie Lux, Undergraduate Senior

"After Cornell, I will be heading to the National Institutes of Health, where I received a Cancer Research Training Award to fund a post-baccalaureate research position with the Hernandez group (surgical oncology)." Read more

David McKellar, Ph.D. Student

David McKellar, Ph.D. Student

"My research focus is on understanding how muscle regenerates after design stem cell therapies that could treat traumatic injuries or muscle degeneration in aging patients." Read more

James Bennett

James Bennett, M.Eng. Student

"[At]Cornell, I could earn two Ivy League Master’s degrees in two years and launch my career as a successful leader in the biotech industry. It was and is the perfect place for me." Read more

John Montani

John Montani, M.Eng. Student

"Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Cornell has adapted its educational system to provide a safe and structured academic experience. While the experience is undeniably different, the program is no less valuable. I continue to have access to the school’s world-renowned faculty, who have helped me learn and develop at a pace I never thought possible, and I have built amazing relationships with my classmates." Read more

Racquel Redwood

Racquel Redwood, M.Eng. '13

"My degree at Cornell was critical for helping me explore my interests. During my graduate school course work, I had the opportunity to take courses within the department of Human Factors and this exposure was pivotal for my current role as a Senior Human Factors Engineer." Read more

Jason Guss, Ph.D.

Jason Guss, Ph.D. '18

Jason Guss, Ph.D. ’18, is an alumnus of the biomedical engineering program at Cornell. He is now CEO at Iterate Labs, an AI software platform he worked to found when finishing his doctorate. Read more