Trang Dau

Trang Dau, M.Eng. Student

"My favorite class is BIOMG 3300: Principles of Biochemistry. This class brings together all aspects of biology and chemistry and makes everything make sense." Read more

Lee Puckett

Lee Puckett, M.Eng. '19

"Cornell University is an esteemed institution willing to provide resources to ensure that each student can make the most out of their educational experience." Read more

Joseph Long

Joseph Long, Ph.D. Student

"I chose my research topic because I wanted to understand how we interact with our environment on a small scale and I think that passion has translated to also understanding how we interact with other as scientists and with the public at large." Read more

Lydia Ooyama

Lydia Ooyama, B.S. '19, M.Eng. '19

"I have learned so many new skills ranging from laser cutting to Arduino to lathing. Working with multiple stakeholders and team members in the development of the products has been a truly valuable experience." Read more

Nizeet Aguilar

Nizeet Aguilar, Ph.D. 2016

"During my Ph.D., I grew not only as a scientist, but as a person. Cornell helped me to think critically in my Ph.D. project and other situations." Read more

Danielle Jorgenson on the basketball court

Danielle Jorgenson, B.S. '20

"My identity as a student allows me to improve my performance as an athlete because I can use my knowledge from biomechanics and mechanobiology, such as injury prevention and best methods for training/stretching, to yield the best results on the court." Read more

Kirsten Pienaar

Spotlight on Student Athletes: Kirsten Pienaar, B.S. '20

"Biomedical engineering is a great combination of my interests in both engineering and medicine. BME is still a very new field, and I saw this as a place with a lot of opportunity and the potential for rapid development. (And it hasn’t failed these expectations!)" Read more

Christine Tan

Alumni Spotlight: Christine Tan, Ph.D. 2011

Tan's Ph.D. research led to breakthroughs in nanofabricated single molecule/single cell chips for new biomedical applications such as cancer studies. Her solid foundation in interdisciplinary thinking from a world-class education well positioned Tan to take on key leadership roles in industry. Read more