Sami Smalling

Sami Smalling, Undergraduate Student

"BME offered more exposure to other areas of academic interest than other fields of engineering, which appealed to me. I chose to pursue the Molecular/Cellular/Systems Engineering (MCSE) concentration because it seemed like the most applicable concentration—my interests have always surrounded small-scale interactions in the body." Read more

Vanessa Cabral Martins

Vanessa Cabral Martins, M.Eng. Student

"What I like the most is the opportunity to work on our design project as if we were working in industry . . . to experience how it is going to be when we start working, both technically and collaboratively. Moreover, it has helped me develop my skills and I feel ready and comfortable to enter the workforce." Read more

Jeremy Keys

Jeremy Keys, Ph.D. Student

"My research looks at the biological and physical factors which regulate the spread of cancer throughout the body. Specifically, I am interested in how cancer cells generate forces to help squeeze their nucleus through tight spaces in biological tissues." Read more

Sochima Bishop

Sochima Bishop, M.Eng. Student

"I really appreciate the breadth of research in the BME department. Last semester I took three great classes: Principles of Drug Delivery (w/ Dr. Putnam), Stem Cell Engineering (w/ Dr. Cosgrove), and Immuno-engineering (w/ Dr. Singh)." Read more

Jason Marvin

Jason (Chang) Marvin, Ph.D. Student

"Cornell actively fosters an environment that encourages its graduate students to extend their training beyond the research lab (e.g. outreach, teaching, mentoring, and science communication & policy opportunities) which I knew would allow me to grow tremendously as a scholar and future educator." Read more

Chelsea Stephens

Chelsea Stephens, Ph.D. Student

"Biomedical engineering provides me with a unique set of skills in problem solving and critical thinking. I have learned how to identify niche-specific problems in healthcare and develop solutions to improve the lives of many." Read more

Trang Dau

Trang Dau, M.Eng. Student

"My favorite class is BIOMG 3300: Principles of Biochemistry. This class brings together all aspects of biology and chemistry and makes everything make sense." Read more

Lee Puckett

Lee Puckett, M.Eng. '19

"Cornell University is an esteemed institution willing to provide resources to ensure that each student can make the most out of their educational experience." Read more

Joseph Long

Joseph Long, Ph.D. Student

"I chose my research topic because I wanted to understand how we interact with our environment on a small scale and I think that passion has translated to also understanding how we interact with other as scientists and with the public at large." Read more

Lydia Ooyama

Lydia Ooyama, B.S. '19, M.Eng. '19

"I have learned so many new skills ranging from laser cutting to Arduino to lathing. Working with multiple stakeholders and team members in the development of the products has been a truly valuable experience." Read more