Omar Emon

Meet teaching support specialist Omar Emon

Emon joined the Meinig School in October 2020 as a teaching support specialist, to support and enable the masters of engineering (M.Eng.) students and undergraduate seniors in their BME design projects. Read more

Ashley Townsel

Ashley Townsel, M.Eng. Student

"My design team and I [are modeling] a live-imaging system that uses cancer-targeting nanoparticles and artificial intelligence to improve the visual fidelity of ultrasound technology. Our project ultimately supports the accurate detection of cancerous tissue in real-time for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes." Read more

Aria R. Henderson

Aria R. Henderson, Ph.D. Student

"The sense of community at Cornell is amazing. Individuals from every background are supported through clubs and organizations to make everyone feel welcome and equitably included." Read more

David Shamritsky

David Shamritsky, Undergraduate Student

"Learning new content and skills in courses is important, but equally valuable is having the experience of applying it as a member of a team. The BME major places a huge emphasis on combining those two aspects for being a successful engineer." Read more

Mariela Rivera-De Jesús

Mariela Rivera-De Jesús, Ph.D. Student

"I’m developing vaccines that better mimic pathogens and can activate the memory of the immune system as if it was the real thing, derived from harmless bacteria. These types of vaccines are very versatile, safe, and easy to produce. My particular project focuses on combining different immune activators on one molecule to enhance the immune response." Read more

Nate Cira

Welcome Nate Cira ( 2021 )

Nate Cira has joined the faculty of Cornell Engineering as an assistant professor in the Nancy E. and Peter C. Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering. Cira comes to Cornell after three years as a... Read more

Alex Clark

Alex Clark, Ph.D. Student

"Because the BME department has faculty in both Ithaca and NYC, I had the opportunity to rotate in labs on both campuses during my first semester. At Weill Cornell, I loved the biomedical research environment and access to the amazing faculty and clinical research opportunities at the adjacent institutions (Memorial Sloan Kettering, Rockefeller University, and NY Presbyterian)." Read more

Marguerite Pacheco

Meet Marguerite Pacheco

When Marguerite Pacheco was in high school she was on the track team. Her events were the 800 meters, the one-mile run, and the two-mile run. During coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London... Read more

Kristin Brune

Kristin Brune, M.Eng. 2018

"I chose Cornell for its BME M.Eng. program, which encourages a breadth of coursework, multiple “tracks”/emphases, and has a focus on innovation, supported by renowned faculty and researchers." Read more

Riona Reevees

Riona Reeves, B.S. 2018, M.Eng. 2019

As an undergraduate, Reeves was a research assistant in the Clark and Messer labs, studying gene drives, ultimately publishing five academic papers. As an M.Eng., Reeves’ capstone project won second place in the pitch competition at the third annual M.Eng. competition. Read more