Karin Wang

Alumni Spotlight: Karin Wang, Ph.D. 2015

Karin Wang earned her B.E./M.S. (2010) in biomedical engineering from Stony Brook University and her Ph.D. (2015) in biomedical engineering from Cornell University. Under the supervision of Drs....

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Keigo Kawaji

Alumni Spotlight: Keigo Kawaji

Keigo Kawaji completed his Ph.D. in 2012 at the Cornell MRI Laboratory group at the Weill Cornell campus under the mentorship of Yi Wang (Thesis Advisor) and Martin Prince (Clinical Mentor). After a...

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Menansili Mejooli

Student Spotlight: Menansili Mejooli

Menansili Mejooli is a doctoral student in biomedical engineering from Arusha, Tanzania. After earning his undergraduate degree in Shanghai, China, he decided to pursue further education at Cornell...

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Tiffany St. Bernard

Student Spotlight: Tiffany St. Bernard

Tiffany St. Bernard is a doctoral student in biomedical engineering from East Granby, Connecticut. After earning a bachelor’s in biology from the University of Connecticut, she chose to pursue a...

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