Brooke Cohen

Biomedical engineering: a path to medical school

Brooke Cohen is an undergraduate senior concentrating in biomaterials and drug delivery (BMDD) and performing research in the Butcher Lab. After graduation she will work as a medical scribe at Texas Orthopedics in Austin while applying to medical school. Read more

Jonathan Pierre

Developing a wearable device for monitoring multiple sclerosis

Jonathan Pierre is an undergraduate student concentrating in Molecular/Cellular/Systems Engineering (MCSE) and is developing a wearable device for monitoring multiple sclerosis. After graduation he will work as a sourcing engineer for Medtronic. Read more

Riya Singh

Celebrating our Graduates!

Riya Singh is an undergraduate student working on OMV-based vaccine engineering in the DeLisa Lab and exploring both research and industry sides of biomedical engineering through internship experiences. Read more

Sharon Kaplan

Meet Undergraduate Coordinator Sharon Kaplan!

The Meinig School welcomes Sharon Kaplan as our new undergraduate coordinator supporting students and faculty with course scheduling, affiliation to the major, and other essential undergraduate program functions. Read more