Professional Experience and Employment

Whether you choose to participate in undergraduate research, a student project team, the cooperative education program or internships in industry, experiencing engineering in a hands-on environment will enhance your experience, expand your résumé, and help you identify areas of interest to fine-tune your curriculum.


There are many options when it comes to getting industry experience. You could conduct research, complete an internship or join the cooperative education program, to name a few. 

To discuss which experience is the right fit for you, visit the Career Resources for Undergraduates.


Take advantage of the larger Ivy League network at your fingertips!

Cornell University Career Services — This office, part of the Division of Student and Campus Life, offers ongoing career-development activities that inspire students to gain confidence and establish a foundation upon which to build their careers over a lifetime.

Engineering Career Center — This office’s resources are available to students within the College of Engineering—its staff specializes in helping technical students enter the workforce. They assist students in exploring careers; searching for internships, co-ops and full-time jobs; preparing for interviews; and evaluating and negotiating job offers.

Engineering Career Conversations — A podcast of authentic conversations with alums who are making a difference in their careers.