M.Eng. Student Design Projects

The BME M.Eng. design projects are in line with the two available pathways:

  1. Professional: The projects in this pathway are worked in teams and are done over two terms. Emphasis is given on the identification and/or validation of unmet clinical needs while looking into the core problem, affected population, and desired outcomes. The teams are also required to engineer an innovative and value based fully functional prototype addressing the defined need. At every academic year cycle we work towards the selection of sponsors and projects that are diverse, challenging, and aligned with our educational goals and industry segments.
  2. Academic: The projects in this pathway are individual projects in which the students will apply to the many different laboratories and will be working on research projects under the purview of the principal investigator (PI). 

The following are examples of recent projects by Meinig School M.Eng. student teams (for the full list, visit the Student Design Projects page):

Clinical Sponsor Projects

These projects are sponsored by clinicians with a field of specialty and/or with ideas of potential needs. We work closely with Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell Veterinary Medicine, and Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital. Some examples are:

  • Challenges in Minimally Invasive, Neurological, and Ophthalmological Surgery
  • Advancements in Cardiac Assist Technology
  • Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
  • Delivery of Injectable Patches for Intervertebral Disc Repair
  • Diagnose, Evaluate, and Treat Functional Muscle Pain

Industry Sponsored Projects

These projects are sponsored by industry partners with the objective of exploring a field of application and/or an already identified needs. The student teams work closely with their “customers” but maintain a certain level of independence as they analyze and validate the need as well as define the solution requirements and implementation of solutions. We work with many different companies including:

  • Welch Allyn – Hill-Rom
  • West Pharmaceutical
  • Johnson & Johnson

Research laboratory sponsored projects

These projects are sponsored by principal investigators within the Cornell family and the objective is to support their research effort by devising and implementing novelty instrumentation and well as lab-to-product translation. Some examples are:

  •  Portable handheld device for real-time detection and treatment of premature birth risk
  •  Microfluidic Instrument version of a micropipette aspiration assay
  •  Device to aid diabetic wound healing

Community outreach and humanitarian projects

These projects are sponsored by members of our regional community and/or driven by humanitarian reasons. Some examples are:

  •  Intelligent and Adaptive Orthopedic Brace for Haleigh (video)
  • TEchoLocation – Combining technologies to help the visual impaired in under developed populations
  • Strategies for Improving Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV

For more information: Please contact Belinda Whisman, bh42@cornell.edu, 607-255-2573