Racquel Redwood

Racquel Redwood, M.Eng. '13

"My degree at Cornell was critical for helping me explore my interests. During my graduate school course work, I had the opportunity to take courses within the department of Human Factors and this exposure was pivotal for my current role as a Senior Human Factors Engineer." Read more

Jason Guss, Ph.D.

Jason Guss, Ph.D. '18

Jason Guss, Ph.D. ’18, is an alumnus of the biomedical engineering program at Cornell. He is now CEO at Iterate Labs, an AI software platform he worked to found when finishing his doctorate. Read more

Kristin Brune

Kristin Brune, M.Eng. 2018

"I chose Cornell for its BME M.Eng. program, which encourages a breadth of coursework, multiple “tracks”/emphases, and has a focus on innovation, supported by renowned faculty and researchers." Read more

Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller, Ph.D. 2018

Miller was recruited by the world's largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, in 2015 and accepted a position in investment research in 2016 while simultaneously completing his dissertation. In 2020, Miller left Bridgewater Associates and is focusing on his entrepreneurial endeavors. Read more

Alex Marburgh

Alex Marburgh, B.S. 2018

As a BME flight controller for NASA, Marburgh works with a team of surgeons to ensure that crew health is maintained. This involves helping to remotely guide onboard medical exams, planning and executing maintenance activities on exercise hardware, and collaborating with international partners from Japan, Europe, Russia, and Canada to ensure requirements are met. Read more

Bailey Cooper

Bailey Cooper, Ph.D. 2016

After graduating, Cooper joined the faculty of Virginia Tech’s Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics Department as the university was developing a new undergraduate BME program. When the new major launched in the fall of 2018, she joined the Formulation Development Group (FDG) at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Read more

Angela Cai

Angela Cai, M.Eng. 2014

Cai’s interest in engineering led her to choose surgery as a specialty because of the very hands-on aspect you get when working with surgical patients. Read more

Yiming Li

Yiming Li, M.Eng. 2019, MBA 2020

"Cornell's program allowed me to customize my own curriculum and professional focus. “Freedom and Responsibility”, the Cornell Tradition, also attracted me, as my ultimate goals were promoting global health and launching economical therapeutics in areas with low resource settings." Read more

Korie Grayson

Korie Grayson, Ph.D. 2020

"I chose Cornell because of the welcoming atmosphere and sense of diverse community and collaboration exuded by the university and its leaders. Cornell is a place that allows for ideas to be heard and spread as the motto “any person…any study” holds true." Read more