Sophia Ziemian in regalia holding pup, Max

Sophia Ziemian, Ph.D. ’20

Ziemian seeks to understand the underlying mechanisms of osteoarthritis, in order to develop therapeutic strategies that will successfully prevent or drastically slow the progression of the disease. Read more

Young Hye Song

Young Hye Song, Ph.D. 2016

As a tenure-track assistant professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Arkansas, Young Hye currently directs a lab that uses tissue engineering strategies to study cancer-nerve crosstalk and traumatic neural injuries. Read more

Mary Clare McCorry

Mary Clare McCorry, Ph.D. 2017

At the Food and Drug Administration through the AIMBE Scholars program, McCorry led science policy initiatives and coordinated collaborations between experts in academia, industry, government and non-profit organizations. Read more

Eric Kaden

Eric Kaden, B.S. 2018

A member of the inaugural undergraduate class, Kaden worked as a process engineer and a quality engineer before returning to law school this fall with an eye toward a career in patent law. Read more

Carol Hung

Carol Hung, B.S. 2019

As a clinical engineer at Noah Medical Corporation in Redwood City, California, Hung works closely with physicians to understand the operating environment and clinical needs to become an internal expert. Read more

Derek Holyoak

Derek Holyoak, Ph.D. ’18

Now a senior associate in the Biomedical Engineering & Sciences Practice at Exponent, Inc., Ph.D. alum Derek Holyoak's work involves a mix of proactive biomedical research/testing and reactive scientific litigation. Read more

Kristen Ong

Kristen Ong, B.S. 2021

"Following graduation, I will be working as an Associate Specialist in Merck’s IT Emerging Talent Rotational Program, where I will be rotating between projects in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Software Engineering." Read more

Alexa Podolsky

Alexa Podolsky, B.S. 2021

"[At Cornell BME] I have learned how to manage my time wisely, how to work with and lead a team, how to communicate scientifically, and how to adapt. I’ve developed these important skills throughout my rigorous experience in BME and I was able to combine all of them while leading my design group for our senior capstone project." Read more