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The Meinig School Biomedical Engineering is consistently rated among the top programs in the country. We have world-class facilities, exceptional academic programs and our research is focused solely on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s science and technology. While these factors contribute to our success, the one thing that truly sets us apart from other programs is the dedication and hard work of our people. Get to know us by visiting our pages highlighting the following:

The Meinig School faculty and graduate field members of Biomedical Engineering specialize in six primary research areasbiomechanics and mechanobiologybiomedical imaging and instrumentationdrug delivery and nanomedicinemolecular and cellular engineeringsystems and synthetic biology, and tissue engineering and biomaterials. Integral to the school's research effort are undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, technicians, clinical advisors and visiting faculty.


Meinig School Faculty/Labs on Twitter:
Steven Adie: @SteveAdie1
Bonassar Lab: @BonassarLab
Ilana Brito: @ilanabrito123
Butcher Lab: @ButcherLab
Ben Cosgrove: @bdcosgrove; Cosgrove Lab: @CosgroveLab
De Vlaminck Lab: @IwijnDeVlaminck
Claudia Fischbach: @fischbcl17
Fischbach Lab: @FischbachLab
Shaoyi Jiang: @JiangShaoyi
Alex Kwan: @kwanalexc
Lammerding Lab: @LammerdingLab
Esak Lee Lab: @IsaacLeeLab
Karl Lewis: @karl_j_lewis; Lewis Lab: @The_Lewis_Lab
Nozomi Nishimura: @nozomi62; Schaffer-Nishimura Lab: @SN_Lab
Chris Schaffer: @chris_schaffer; Schaffer-Nishimura Lab: @SN_Lab
Marjolein van der Meulen: @mchvdm; van der Meulen Lab: @vdM_Lab
Yadong Wang: @YadongW
Yi Wang: @profdryi