Elijah Cathey-Li M.Eng. 2011

Elijah Cathey-Li

Spotlight on M.Eng. alumnus, Elijah Cathey-Li

Current position: Regional Technology Specialist, Biosense Webster, a J & J Company

Elijah Mekalin Karr Cathey-Li (he/him/his) graduated Cornell with an M.Eng. in biomedical engineering in January 2011. His research at Cornell involved developing an acoustic scanner for custom ultrasound devices and the utilization of ultrasound to reduce deep vein thrombosis (DVTs).  

Since graduation, he has been working at Biosense Webster, a Johnson & Johnson company focused on helping to cure atrial fibrillation. Biosense Webster utilizes 3D mapping technology to map and eliminate, through cauterization, a patient's abnormal heart rhythm.

For the first six years at Biosense Webster, Elijah supported the medical procedures by assisting the physician, similar to mission control, creating 3D anatomical maps of the heart, in real-time, during the medical procedures, and supporting physicians by highlighting areas of interest. This position afforded him the opportunity to work with some of the nation's best physicians in New York, New Jersey, Boston, and China. and to help improve the lives of over 3500 people.

Changing gears, Elijah has recently served as a sales learning manager as a regional training specialist for over 60 individuals ( physicians and team). In this role he ensures that physicians fully understand the company's product line and trains to ensure best practices. He also trains and manages the educational development of the regional team ensuring they fully understand Biosense's product line and positions them appropriately during medical procedures.

Sprinkled throughout his tenure at Biosense, Elijah has worked on many projects including; The African American Leadership Development team to drive diversity; The Biosense Field Innovation Team to develop innovation pipelines from R&D to our field team members, and most notably, the Cornell BME educational series partnership, in which he has taught an introductory class on clinical electrophysiology at Cornell BME. Elijah has also supported the establishment of Cornell BME as a target school for hiring graduates to work at Biosense Webster, which has resulted in the hiring of 10 graduates over the past several years. 

Elijah serves as an LGBTQIA+ community advocate as the Executive Director of SOULE Foundation, a nonprofit geared to the educational advancement of Black & Brown LGBTQIA+ Youth through programming and scholarships. 

Aside from being busy, Elijah met the love of his life, Dominic Cathey 4.5 years ago and celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in 2022.

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