Joanna Davis B.S., M.Eng. 2019

Joanna Davis

Spotlight on undergraduate, M.Eng. alumna, Joanna Davis

Current position: Strategy Insights & Planning Associate Consultant, ZS Associates

Joanna Davis completed her B.S. in BME and an M.Eng. in systems engineering in 2019. Her BME focus was in biomaterials and drug delivery, and in systems engineering she designed a platform to enable a streamlined approach for clinical research teams to submit their products for FDA approval. As an undergraduate, Joanna was involved with engineering project teams, such as Engineering World Health, which focused on designing and implementing healthcare solutions in areas of need, globally. She was also involved in Engineers for a Sustainable World, which worked on bringing environmentally and socially conscious solutions to sustainability issues in the local Ithaca community.

After graduating, Joanna joined ZS Associates as a Strategy and Insights Planning Associate, and is currently an Associate Consultant back in her home city of Boston. ZS is a management consulting firm that specializes in providing diverse solutions to primarily life sciences clients (across pharmaceutical organizations, medical device companies, health care providers, and financial services / tech). She works closely with cross-functional client teams to develop and implement robust commercial and clinical plans to ensure that products are reaching every patient in need. She also leads an internal initiative at ZS focusing on bringing sustainable solutions to the company.

In her current occupation, the on-the-spot problem solving she gained as a Cornell BME undergraduate has enabled her to bring nuanced solutions to both clients and patients in a world with rapid changes. In Boston, she is involved with mentorship programs in STEM at local high schools. Going forward, she hopes to continue to be involved and support future classes of Meinig scholars!

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