BME Design Complex

As a supplement to Cornell’s already rich ecosystem of research spaces, the Meinig School's state-of-the-art design complex facilities in Weill Hall consist of four distinct spaces in which students and faculty to brainstorm, test, grow, build and realize their ideas.

These spaces were engineered to catalyze and enable student design teams to learn and apply novel design methods and processes focused on innovation and value-based design of medical technologies. Together, these spaces serve to add agility and dynamicity to the process of ideation/conception, through implementation and testing, to fabrication/realization of fully functional proof-of-principle prototypes. They include the following:

  1. Design Studio:  1300sq feet studio with multiple spaces/environments as well as technological support for meeting, ideating, brainstorming, collaborating, studying, and unwinding.
  2. Design Laboratory: 1300 sq feet laboratory supporting the prototyping and testing of technologies involving chemicals, polymers, metals, electronics, and software. There is also state-of-the-art technology for data acquisition and control, a comprehensive set of different modalities 3D printers, mini-CNC, Microscopes, Soldering stations, and more.
  3. Wet Laboratory: supplementary biological safety level 2 wet laboratory
  4. Fabrication Lab:  400sq feet fabrication/maker space populated with Laser Cutter, CNC Machine, Lathe, and all different types of supporting tools.