Design Laboratory

The design laboratory includes 1300 sq feet laboratory supporting the prototyping and testing of technologies involving chemicals, polymers, metals, electronics, and software. There is also state-of-the-art technology for data acquisition and control, a comprehensive set of different modalities: 3D printers, mini-CNC, microscopes, soldering stations, and more.

Highlights include:

laboratory computer stations

Laboratory Computer Stations

Laboratory computer stations with dedicated National Instruments data acquisition systems where students learn to use LabVIEW to rapidly create solutions to acquire data and generate signals as they develop prototype solutions to their design projects.

laboratory workstations

Team Work Stations

The design lab is designed to accommodate multiple student teams working concurrently on their diverse projects and is equipped with multiple oscilloscopes, power supplies, pumps and work stations.

laboratory equipment

Modern Lab Equipment

  • electronic scales
  • microscopes
  • hand tools
  • power tools
  • clamps
  • UV curing lamps
design project cubbies

Project Team Cubbies

To support the diversity of projects and to provide a collaborative shared work environment the lab is equipped with locking cubbies where each project team can store their projects when they are not in the shop. 

soldering stations

Soldering Stations

Tools and equipment for advanced “surface mount” (SMD) circuit designs (Zephyrtronics ™).

student projects computer lab

Dedicated Computer Lab

The design lab also includes a small computer lab dedicated solely to biomedical engineering students engaged in design projects where students can work on their CAD models, computer code, final posters and documentation.

custom circuit board manufacturing station

Custom Circuit Board Manufacturing

To create custom circuit boards in-house, we are equipped with an Othermill™ (a miniature C&C machine) that provides students  the opportunity to manufacture custom circuit boards (PCB) from circuit designs that they develop over the course of their design projects.