Wet Laboratory

Located in Weill Hall, the Meinig School instructional teaching lab is a state-of-the-art facility consisting of 2200 square feet of hands-on teaching space, divided into the following functional areas: wet lab, tissue culture lab, microscopy room, biomechanics lab.

gloved hand with spherical droplets form syringe pump

Wet Lab

The wet lab supports the experimental activities of several courses - BME 1310, 3010, 3020, 4010, and 4020. Equipped with:

  • a full complement of molecular biological equipment
  • inverted microscopes
  • stereo microscopes
  • bacterial incubators
  • centrifuges
  • UV-VIS spectrophotomer
  • plate reader
  • PCR machine
  • water baths
  • bench top autoclave
  • syringe pumps
  • PDMS fabrication station.

Tissue Culture Lab

The adjoining tissue culture lab provides students with the facilities to perform sterile cell culture and is equipped with three biosafety cabinets, two CO2 incubators, fridge/freezer, and a flow cytometer.

Microscopy Room

The dedicated microscopy room contains five fluorescent microscopes as well as a gel imaging and analysis workstation and is used for evaluation and image analysis of cells and tissues.

Biomechanics Lab

The biomechanics lab supports the course BME 4490 and is equipped with mechanical testers and has full capabilities for tissue dissection.