Welcome to Cornell Biomedical Engineering (BME)

We apply engineering principles and design concepts to biology and medicine, with the goal of improving human health. We study the mechanisms of disease through engineering analysis to design better therapies, devices and diagnostic procedures. Our research and training programs reflect the unique role of biomedical engineering as a bridge connecting engineering and physical sciences with biology and medicine.

At Cornell's Meinig School:

  • Our VISION is an understanding the human body as an integrated system, with the goal is to be able to predict how changes at the molecular level relate to the cellular, tissue/organ, and whole body level responses.
  • Our MISSION is to educate students to understand the human body as an integrated system through quantitative engineering analysis and to use that understanding to design better therapeutic strategies, devices, and diagnostics. A mission of nearly equal importance is to serve society by conducting research that develops quantitative linkages across scales in the human body and uses that development to build new tools to improve human health.

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