Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials

Cornell biomedical engineers design biomaterial platforms to recreate tissues for functional replacement therapies, as models of normal and diseased states for basic research, and for use in drug testing.

Graduate field faculty

C.C. Chu, cc62@cornell.edu
Susan Daniel, sd386@cornell.edu
Lara Estroff, lae37@cornell.edu
Brian Kirby, bk88@cornell.edu
Dan Luo, dl79@cornell.edu
Minglin Ma, mm826@cornell.edu
Suzanne Maher, mahers@hss.edu
Chris Ober, cko3@cornell.edu
Matt Paszek, mjp31@cornell.edu
Abraham Stroock, ads10@cornell.edu
Uli Wiesner, ubw1@cornell.edu
Timothy Wright, wrightt@hss.edu

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