Experiential learning seminar puts students in conversation with cancer survivors

On March 29th, the Meinig School's Experiential Learning Seminar (BME 2080) welcomed five members of the Cancer Resource Center community to speak to our undergraduate students. The opportunity provided students a chance to interact directly with cancer survivors who have been through various treatments, some involving biomedical devices. The speakers were candid in sharing their experiences involving medical providers, treatments, and side effects. Most profound was the overwhelming agreement that a good support system - including fellow cancer patients and survivors - is critical to well-being.

The BME 2080 seminar course is offered each semester and focuses on building professional skills while activating curricular content within the context of experiential learning activities. Students in the course pursue individual and team-based exercises with reflective discussions.

Bob Riter
Bob Riter

Bob Riter, the organizer of this panel and former Executive Director of the Cancer Resource Center, helped to create the Cornell Community Cancer Partnership, a unique collaboration connecting cancer research students at Cornell with individuals personally affected by cancer. To learn more, find the Cornell Community Cancer Partnership on Twitter @CancerCornell

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