BMES student group holds professional development, student entrepreneurship panel

By: Subash Bhandari and Ashley Cardenas

In March 2023, professional development co-chairs of the Cornell graduate student chapter of the biomedical engineering society (BMES), Ashley Cardenas and Subash Bhandari, organized a student entrepreneurship panel at Cornell University. The event aimed to create discussions and conversations about the innovative business ventures of current graduate students, highlighting the diversity of their pursuits.

The panel featured two biomedical engineering Ph.D. students, Jeremiah James (CEO of Adaptive Rentals) and Juan Boza (Co-founder of Equilibrate), and two mechanical engineering Ph.D. students, Karan Vishwanath (Co-founder and CTO of RheoHero) and Ludovico Cestarollo (Co-founder and CEO of RheoHero). Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insights into how these entrepreneurs were motivated to start their respective companies, their support systems, what their schedules are like, how their advisors contributed to the development of their businesses, and what their future goals are.

This event was tailored to anyone interested in entrepreneurship and starting their own business someday. The organizers were thrilled to have 15 graduate students and 1 undergraduate student participate in the event. One attendee remarked, "It was awesome to see students actively engaged in an entrepreneurial venture completely different from their current research pursuit. The amount of sincerity, planning, and discipline it requires to do that is truly motivating."

Overall, the student entrepreneurship panel was a huge success, inspiring and empowering students to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with the support and guidance of strong entrepreneurial programs such as eHUB, and eLAB at Cornell University.

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