Karl Lewis, Ph.D.

Karl Lewis

Assistant Professor (summer 2020)
Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering


Dr. Lewis is presently a post-doctoral fellow at the Indiana University School of Medicine where he studies the role of brain interactions with bone in mechanotransduction. He will begin as an assistant professor at the Cornell Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering in the summer of 2020.

Dr. Lewis’s interests center on understanding the interplay of mechanical cues and biological changes in musculoskeletal tissues. Specifically, his work is centered on understanding how the acute sensing mechanisms in musculoskeletal cells relate to tissue level changes in healthy and disease states.

Research Interests

Selected Publications

  • KJ Lewis, RB-J Choi, EZ Pemberton, WA Bullock, AB Firulli, AG Robling, “Twist1 inactivation in Dmp1-expressing cells increases bone mass but does not affect the anabolic response to sclerostin neutralization,” ‎Int. J. Mol. Sci (2019)
  • KJ Lewis, WR Thompson, AG Robling, “The mTORC2 component Rictor is required for development of osteocyte cell processes and mechanical signaling,” JBMR (Submitted)
  • WA Bullock, AM Hoggatt, DJ Horan, KJ Lewis, H Yokota, S Hann, ML Warman, A Sebastian, GG Loots, FM Pavalko, AG Robling, “Expression of a Degradation‐Resistant β‐Catenin Mutant in Osteocytes Protects the Skeleton From Mechanodeprivation‐Induced Bone Wasting,” JBMR (Published, Early View 2019)
  • KJ Lewis, D Frikha-Benayed, J Louie, S Stephen, DC Spray, MM Thi, Z Seref-Ferlengez, RJ Majeska, S Weinbaum, MB Schaffler, “Osteocyte calcium signals encode strain magnitude and loading frequency in vivo,” PNAS 114(44):11775-11780 (2017)
  • C McGoverin, K Lewis, X Yang, M Bostrom, and N Pleshko, "The Contribution of Bone and Cartilage to the Near-Infrared Spectrum of Osteochondral Tissue," Appl. Spectrosc.  68, 1168-1175 (2014)

Selected Awards and Honors

  • IFMRS Travel Grant for European Calcified Tissue Society Congress (2019)
  • NIH T-32 Training Grant (2017-19)
  • Wallace H. Coulter Award for Academic Service (2015)
  • NASA New York Space Consortium Fellowship (2013-17)
  • Alfred P. Sloan Graduate Scholarship for Minority PhDs (2011)


B.S. (Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Concentration), Temple University, 2011

Ph.D. (Biomedical Engineering, Osteocyte Mechanobiology), The City College of New York, 2017

Postdoc (Osteocyte Mechanobiology, Bone Mechanotransduction), Indiana University School of Medicine, 2020