Carl Batt

Carl Batt

Liberty Hyde Bailey Professor
Food Science
Stocking Hall West, Room 351


Many of the problems we face require an interdisciplinary approach and innovations on established technology in order to be solved. Our group consists of individuals with a broad set of skills and understanding, enabling us to tackle projects of a very complex nature. Collaborators here at Cornell University and numerous other academic, industrial, and governmental institutions throughout the world provides are part of this exciting community. Our work strives to provide advancements in basic scientific research that will have a direct impact on society at large. Our scientists, including graduate students and post docs, also work with the community to promote scientific understanding of students of all ages.

Research Interests

Our laboratory is engaged in basic and applied research in a wide range of topics. One area of focus in on the use of protein engineering / expression techniques for developing recombinant anti-cancer therapeutics. Another active area of research involves the design and engineering of portable sensor devices using leading-edge micro- and nanofabrication methods. The third major area of investigation in our lab explores how biomaterials may be used to develop novel methodologies for creating advanced microfluidic systems and nanostructured arrays for bioanalytical applications. More detailed descriptions of some of our specific projects may be found our Research section.

Teaching Interests

Microorganisms play a central role in a variety of food, agricultural, and environmental processes. A comprehensive survey of the roles that microorganisms play in industrial/biotechnological processes as well as their importance in the safety and production of foods.