David Bruk-Rodriguez

Inspired by family to pursue biomedical engineering

Undergraduate senior David Bruk-Rodriguez was inspired by his younger sister, born partially blind due to a disconnected retina, to study biomedical engineering and contribute to a solution for her vision impairment. Read more

Ashley Pekmezian

Ashley Pekmezian, B.S. 2019

Now attending medical school at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, Ashley aspires to be a surgeon. Currently, her research focuses on a novel surgical operation to reduce lymphedema after axial lymph node dissection. Read more

Joanna Davis

Joanna Davis B.S., M.Eng. 2019

Joanna Davis says the on-the-spot problem solving she gained as a Cornell BME undergraduate has enabled her to bring nuanced solutions in a rapidly-changing world to both clients and patients in her current role as an Associate Consultant providing diverse solutions to life sciences clients. Read more

Brook Cohen

Biomedical engineering: a path to medical school

Brooke Cohen is an undergraduate senior concentrating in biomaterials and drug delivery (BMDD) and performing research in the Butcher Lab. After graduation she will work as a medical scribe at Texas Orthopedics in Austin while applying to medical school. Read more