Lindsay Browning in goal on hockey rink

Lindsay Browning, B.S. '21

"The most useful skill I have learned from BME is how to think. Anyone can memorize math equations or learn a specific technological skill, but BME has taught me how to apply those skills." Read more

Benjamin Dickstein

Ben Dickstein, B.S. '20

"Engineering is all about looking at challenges from a different perspective and working together to find creative and innovative solutions. I, like many others, did not come into Cornell with any lab skills or extensive biological experience, but BME provides students with all the resources students need to succeed in this field." Read more

Grant Feuer

Grant Feuer, B.S. '20

"I found the MCSE concentration to be most relevant to my goal of attending medical school because of the focus on cells and tissues and how things go wrong and what can be done to fix it." Read more

Ellaine Chou

Ellaine Chou, B.S. '20

"[As part of a six-month co-op at Johnson & Johnson], I was not only able to communicate my passion for healthcare technology, but also to identify needs and explore engineering solutions." Read more

Sami Smalling

Sami Smalling, B.S. '20

"BME offered more exposure to other areas of academic interest than other fields of engineering, which appealed to me. I chose to pursue the Molecular/Cellular/Systems Engineering (MCSE) concentration because it seemed like the most applicable concentration—my interests have always surrounded small-scale interactions in the body." Read more

Danielle Jorgenson on the basketball court

Danielle Jorgenson, B.S. '20

"My identity as a student allows me to improve my performance as an athlete because I can use my knowledge from biomechanics and mechanobiology, such as injury prevention and best methods for training/stretching, to yield the best results on the court." Read more

Emma Stowe in the lab

Emma Stowe, B.S. '20

"Ever since I learned about biomedical engineering through the FIRST Lego League Body Forward Challenge, I have been interested in the field and the goal of bridging the gap between biological sciences, engineering, and medicine." Read more

Alexander Sorets

Alexander Sorets, B.S. '19

"I have been able to conduct research in a lab and be a teaching assistant for two courses. I believe that the BME major helped a lot when I was applying to Ph.D. programs, in that I could discuss current research with professors at a high level due to the number of papers I have read for my classes." Read more

Paula Fraczek

Paula Fraczek, B.S. '19

"Being able to interact closely with world-class faculty—each with their own fascinating backgrounds and research areas—was something I didn’t expect to have at my disposal when I first began my undergraduate career. I learned to appreciate it even more when I learned that students in larger majors didn’t have the same connections with their professors as BME students do." Read more