Omar Emon

Meet teaching support specialist Omar Emon

Emon joined the Meinig School in October 2020 as a teaching support specialist, to support and enable the masters of engineering (M.Eng.) students and undergraduate seniors in their BME design projects. Read more

David Shamritsky

David Shamritsky, Undergraduate Student

"Learning new content and skills in courses is important, but equally valuable is having the experience of applying it as a member of a team. The BME major places a huge emphasis on combining those two aspects for being a successful engineer." Read more

Riona Reevees

Riona Reeves, B.S. 2018, M.Eng. 2019

As an undergraduate, Reeves was a research assistant in the Clark and Messer labs, studying gene drives, ultimately publishing five academic papers. As an M.Eng., Reeves’ capstone project won second place in the pitch competition at the third annual M.Eng. competition. Read more

Alex Marburgh

Alex Marburgh, B.S. 2018

As a BME flight controller for NASA, Marburgh works with a team of surgeons to ensure that crew health is maintained. This involves helping to remotely guide onboard medical exams, planning and executing maintenance activities on exercise hardware, and collaborating with international partners from Japan, Europe, Russia, and Canada to ensure requirements are met. Read more

Caroline Waksmunski

Caroline Waksmunski, B.S. '21

"The emphasis that Cornell Engineering places on gender equality showed me that they care about more than academics - they care about the well-being of their students as well." Read more

Lindsay Browning in goal on hockey rink

Lindsay Browning, B.S. '21

"The most useful skill I have learned from BME is how to think. Anyone can memorize math equations or learn a specific technological skill, but BME has taught me how to apply those skills." Read more

Benjamin Dickstein

Ben Dickstein, B.S. '20

"Engineering is all about looking at challenges from a different perspective and working together to find creative and innovative solutions. I, like many others, did not come into Cornell with any lab skills or extensive biological experience, but BME provides students with all the resources students need to succeed in this field." Read more

Grant Feuer

Grant Feuer, B.S. '20

"I found the MCSE concentration to be most relevant to my goal of attending medical school because of the focus on cells and tissues and how things go wrong and what can be done to fix it." Read more

Ellaine Chou

Ellaine Chou, B.S. '20

"[As part of a six-month co-op at Johnson & Johnson], I was not only able to communicate my passion for healthcare technology, but also to identify needs and explore engineering solutions." Read more