Kristen Ong

Kristen Ong, Undergraduate Senior

"Following graduation, I will be working as an Associate Specialist in Merck’s IT Emerging Talent Rotational Program, where I will be rotating between projects in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Software Engineering." Read more

Alexa Podolsky

Celebrating Seniors! Alexa Podolsky

"[At Cornell BME] I have learned how to manage my time wisely, how to work with and lead a team, how to communicate scientifically, and how to adapt. I’ve developed these important skills throughout my rigorous experience in BME and I was able to combine all of them while leading my design group for our senior capstone project." Read more

Kevin Cavallo

Kevin Cavallo, Undergraduate Senior

"Being able to think critically but also creatively has been a key skill that I’ve developed during my four years as a BME....Being able to rebound from failure, understand why something failed and then reevaluate an approach to make it work based on that failure is a life-long skill that I’m glad I was able to learn early on." Read more

Maegan Rudolph

Maegan Rudolph, Undergraduate Senior

"After graduation, I’ll be moving to San Francisco and working as an Associate Consultant at Trinity Life Sciences...I knew that healthcare consulting specifically would allow me to apply the analytical skills I have developed in BME while continuing to learn about a variety of areas within healthcare and medicine." Read more

Ana Elhom

Ana Elhom, Undergraduate Senior

"The next step for me after Cornell is being a Decision Analytics Associate at ZS Associates which is a consulting company that works with a wide array of clients including many pharmaceutical and biotech companies." Read more

Sophia Windemuth

Sophia Windemuth, Undergraduate Senior

"I will be pursuing an MS/PhD at Columbia in the BME department as an NSF fellow....I am so excited to take this opportunity to incorporate everything I've learned at Cornell and start my own research project on drug delivery to glioblastomas." Read more

Stephie Lux

Stephie Lux, Undergraduate Senior

"After Cornell, I will be heading to the National Institutes of Health, where I received a Cancer Research Training Award to fund a post-baccalaureate research position with the Hernandez group (surgical oncology)." Read more

Omar Emon

Meet teaching support specialist Omar Emon

Emon joined the Meinig School in October 2020 as a teaching support specialist, to support and enable the masters of engineering (M.Eng.) students and undergraduate seniors in their BME design projects. Read more

David Shamritsky

David Shamritsky, Undergraduate Student

"Learning new content and skills in courses is important, but equally valuable is having the experience of applying it as a member of a team. The BME major places a huge emphasis on combining those two aspects for being a successful engineer." Read more