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Latest Spotlights

Meet the 2014 NSF Fellows

The Department of Biomedical Engineering would like to proudly congratulate the eight students who won the 2014 National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship.

2014 BME Summer Immersion Program

The Department of Biomedical Engineering welcomes back students returning from the 2014 Immersion Term in New York City. The BME summer immersion term aims to give students the opportunity to see first-hand how the results of biomedical engineering i...

Iwijn De Vlaminck to join BME faculty in 2015

Cornell BME is pleased to announce that Iwijn De Vlaminck, Ph.D., has accepted our offer to join us as an Assistant Professor in January 2015.

About BME

The primary mission of the Department of Biomedical Engineering is to educate students to understand the human body as an integrated system and the mechanisms of disease through quantitative engineering analysis, and to use that understanding to design better therapeutic strategies, devices, and diagnostics to improve human health.

Academic Programs

Masters of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering

  • Biomedical Engineering at Cornell University focuses on interdisciplinary research to achieve a quantitative understanding of human biology at all spatial and temporal scales with the goal of improving human health.

Masters of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering

  • Engineers who understand biology and who can apply their knowledge and skills to improve human health are increasingly in demand. A professional degree in biomedical engineering (BME) will prepare students to fill this increasingly critical need
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Recent News

Life science projects with legs for business win grants

Ten projects led by Cornell life science researchers received one-year grants.

Cynthia Reinhart-King elected to the BMES Board of Directors

Cindy Reinhart-King has been elected to serve a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the...

Faculty engage students in 'Learning Where You Live'

Biomedical engineering faculty members Chris Schaffer and Nozomi Nishimura are joining students at...

Animal joint surgeries may lead to human repairs

A pair of unique surgical procedures performed on animals promises to revolutionize the ways...

For a healthier you, let your smartphone call it in

The National Science Foundation has awarded a five-year, $3 million grant to a multidisciplinary...

Kyle Kentch awarded best poster at the GE Student Research Summit

Kyle Kentch, M.Eng. '14, won best poster award at GE's 3rd Annual Student Research Summit in...