Trang Dau, M.Eng. Student

Trang Dau

Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
BME Degree: Masters of Engineering, BME
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Hartley, Weill Cornell Medicine

What brought you to Cornell?
Cornell is a good school with great reputation and resources.

What inspired you to pursue biomedical engineering?
After finishing my undergraduate degree in human biology, health & society, I wanted to gain more insights into the field of healthcare from a different angle – healthcare technology.

What is your area of focus and why is it important?
Our team’s focus is an implantable device that can extract brain lesions over prolonged period of time; we specifically focus on addressing current technology for glioblastoma patients, whose tumor will grow back eventually even after tumor removal surgery.

(Video: Team Brainlander Spotlight)


What opportunities has your time at Cornell given you so far?
Lots of challenges to grow and mature as a person and professional.

What has been your favorite class or experience so far and why?
My favorite class is BIOMG 3300: Principles of Biochemistry. This class brings together all aspects of biology and chemistry and makes everything make sense.

Any hobbies or interests outside of your scholarship?
My favorite thing is hiking. Last year, I spent three days, two nights camping in the woods with a few classmates.

What’s the next step for you after Cornell?
I want to go to medical school and become an ER doctor.

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