Meet Undergraduate Coordinator Ryan Sauve

Ryan Sauve

Ryan Sauvé grew up not too far from Ithaca in Solvay, N.Y. After earning B.S. and M.A.T degrees from Northeastern University in Boston, Mass., he worked doing professional development for math and science educators, expanding the program to direct STEM education outreach with teachers, students, and schools. Prior to Cornell, Ryan was at the University of Houston providing academic scholarships and support to STEM majors.

Sauvé is glad to be back in upstate New York and at the Meinig School as undergraduate coordinator for the new major in biomedical engineering. He serves as both an academic and personal resource for students. Whether it’s helping a student plan out their schedule, connecting them with research opportunities, or providing a space to vent, his door is always open! His goal is to help make the path through the BME degree as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Sauvé's favorite thing about Cornell is its community; both the university as a whole, as well as at the Meinig School. “It’s a great feeling to come in every day and see so many hard working students, faculty and staff, all supporting each other and working towards the same goals.”

Besides being the proud (and often tired) father of a four-year-old boy and two-year-old girl, he is proud of having survived six summers of Texas heat. Having been born and raised in Syracuse, N.Y., he sees this as quite an accomplishment.

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