Geoffrey Rouin, M.Eng. '19

Geoffrey Rouin

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Why did you choose Cornell?
I chose the Cornell M.Eng. program because of the focus on professional development, both through taking MBA-level business classes as well as the opportunity to work on industry-facing design projects. Additionally, I’ve been able to strengthen my engineering knowledge through courses taught by leaders in their fields. 

Why did you choose to major in BME at Cornell?
I’ve always been fascinated by merging the disciplines of biology and engineering and biomedical engineering facilitates the cross-talk between the two fields.  BME allows you to have a broad variety of experience and leverage that interdisciplinary experience in solving problems that face the field of medicine. 

Brief description of your research topic/ Lab(s)/Adviser(s):
Throughout this year, I have been working with a pharmaceutical company on developing a new drug delivery system to fit an unmet clinical need. My team works both with the company directly as well as with a veterinarian at the Cornell Veterinary Hospital who proposed the unmet need. The project has provided me with experience in the medical device development process with a product that could potentially be taken to market, as well as opportunities to interact with an industry sponsor on a weekly basis. 

What opportunities has the major given you so far?
After graduation, I’m starting a role as a device engineer a pharmaceutical company's innovation center working with academic and industry partners on developing novel drug delivery systems. 

What was your favorite class or experience at Cornell BME and why?
My favorite class was Dr. David Putnam’s drug delivery class in the fall because Dr. Putnam was able to provide a broad overview of the rapidly changing field of drug delivery. This helped bridge a lot of what I had learned in undergrad about therapeutic biomolecules with their industry application and the current approaches to delivering these therapies to patients. The subject matter was directly applicable to the challenges I will be working to overcome in my career in the pharmaceutical/drug delivery device industry. 

While at Cornell/BME, what did you do for fun?
I run a lot on the trails around Ithaca when its warm outside and rock climb at the Lindseth Climbing center

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