Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Hyder, M.Eng. 2014

Rachel Hyder

As a senior at East Tennessee State University, Rachel Hyder thought the Cornell M.Eng. program may be out of her reach. As it would happen, it was the first acceptance letter she opened, and her decision was made that day.

At Cornell, Hyder's M.Eng. project team partnered with eNeura, Inc. to design the third generation of a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation devices for migraine headache relief. The project was the perfect introduction to the biotech industry and catalyst to hone skills developed throughout her engineering education.

The eNeura collaboration led directly to a position as a Field Clinical Engineer for Angel Medical Systems based in her hometown of Knoxville, TN. Hyder spent two years traveling around the eastern U.S. meeting with patients participating in the ALERTS clinical trial to prove the efficacy of an implanted device designed to alert patients at the first physiological signs of heart attack. It was Hyder's job to provide technical guidance during device implant procedures, analyze and alter device programming and be a general resource for patients, nurses and physicians.

After a move to Albany, NY (to join the love of her life—a fellow Cornell alum whom she met during the M.Eng. immersion term), Hyder began work as a Validation Specialist at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. Here, she validates large-scale commercial manufacturing equipment. The position involves project leadership, cross-functional collaboration and fast-paced learning—all skills refined at Cornell.

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