Twelve BME-focused undergraduate research projects receive engineering learning initiative (ELI) awards

Congratulations to the following undergraduates (table below) who received ELI funding for biomedical engineering-focused projects.

StudentMajorFaculty/DeptProject Title
Anna AshfordBMEvan der Meulen/BMECan parathyroid hormone treatment attenuate load-induced joint damage?
Brooke CohenBMEButcher/BMEBiohybrid mechanical prosthetic valves for improving global health
Caleb A McCurdyBMEJiang/BMEDevelopment of lipid nanoparticles for safe mRNA therapeutics and vaccines
Edith ChenBMELammerding/BMEInvestigating nucleo-cytoskeletal force transmission and mechanotransduction
Isha AroraBMELammerding/BMENuclear mechanobiology of cell migration
Lauren KretBMEErickson/MAEPaper Microfluidic Chip for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing
Nandika NairBMEBrito/BMEInvestigating the Mucin-Degrading Capabilities of Pathogenic Bacteria Present in Colorectal Cancer Tumor
Samuel SchirmacherBMEAntaki/BMEAssessment of Bleeding Risks via von Willebrand Degradation in the Development of a Magnetically Levitated Pediatric Ventricular Assist Device
Sarah HuangCHEMEFischbach/BMEInvestigating the role of Glutamine Metabolism in Breast Cancer Stem-like Cell Properties
Meera RameshCSLee/BMEModeling Breast Cancer Metastasis with Bioengineered Tumor-on-Chip Platform
Maia RaynorMAEvan der Meulen/BMERole of Bioenergetics on Bone Size and Strength
Justine BurkeBME anticipatedEsmaily/MAEThe effect of the size of the angle between the hepatic veins and the inferior vena cava on blood flow in Fontan patients

Undergraduate Brooke Cohen in the Butcher Lab
Undergraduate BME Major Brooke Cohen received ELI funding for her project "Biohybrid mechanical prosthetic valves for improving global health" under advisement by the Meinig School's Jonathan Butcher.

Of 48 awarded projects in total, 1 in 4 or 25% are BME-focused in scope. Of the twelve undergraduates receiving awards, nine are (or anticipated) BME majors. Three non-BME majors are working on their projects with Meinig School faculty advisors. 

Funding for these awards is administered through Engineering Learning Initiatives, to support undergraduate research engagement. ELI awards, with support from the Diversity Programs in Engineering, are given by Cornell Engineering as a commitment to facilitating connections and providing opportunities for undergraduate students who are motivated to pursue undergraduate research during their time at Cornell.

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