Shivaun Archer appointed a 2021 MTEI Fellow

Shivaun Archer

Congratulations to Meinig School John & Janet Swanson Senior Lecturer Shivaun Archer, who has been appointed a 2021 fellow of the James McCormick Family Teaching Excellence Institute (MTEI) at Cornell Engineering.

As part of the MTEI Teaching Fellow duties, Archer will provide educational support for faculty members in the College of Engineering with the aim to enhance students' learning and performance. This can include one-on-one consultations, classroom observations, and other support for teaching challenges, as well as working with faculty in designing new courses or revamping existing courses, structuring courses to promote diversity and inclusiveness, implementing a new instructional strategy, designing curricula and assignments, and implementing formative assessments.

Dr. Shivaun Archer is a Senior Lecturer in charge of the biomedical engineering undergraduate instructional laboratories. She designs and teaches undergraduate instructional labs for five biomedical engineering courses, which are designed to illustrate the course material and bring research to undergraduate education whilst exposing students to cutting edge technology and research methodology.

About MTEI: The James McCormick Family Teaching Excellence Institute (MTEI) at Cornell Engineering collaborates with faculty in developing innovative and effective teaching methods and improving course design, supports faculty efforts in engineering education research, and assists faculty with the education or outreach components of grant proposals.

More info: Shivaun Archer, MTEI

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