Ph.D. student Matthew Tan awarded breast cancer research award

The Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering proudly congratulates Meinig School student Matthew Tan on receiving a 2020 research award from the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester, NY. Tan, a fourth-year PhD student in Claudia Fischbach’s Lab, will receive $25,000 to investigate a possible reason for the metastasis (spread) of breast cancer. Specifically, Matthew will be investigating how blood vessels play a role in influencing the metabolism and aggressiveness of invasive tumor cells.

The grant is awarded by the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester to fund innovative new projects with the potential to yield significant medical breakthroughs in the cause and prevention of breast cancer, prevention of metastasis, and cure. Research proposals are solicited from regional medical and research institutions and through the Coalition’s website.  Since 2003, the Coalition has awarded $951,125 to researchers in Upstate and Western New York.

For general information about the award, visit Breast Cancer Coalition (Rochester, NY)

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