Robert Karpman

Robert Karpman

Professor of Practice
Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering
Warren Hall, Room 475E
Adjunct Professor


Bob Karpman has been an entrepreneur for most of his 34 years in the healthcare arena. During his residency in orthopedic surgery, Bob worked with a well known orthopedic company to develop a new device to aid in the healing of fractures. The device was manufactured and marketed by the company.  Later, he received his own patent for a bone screw to aid in the fixation of fractures that occurred in osteoporotic individuals that was later licensed to another orthopedic manufacturer.

As a busy clinician, he also developed a high quality medical education program in Phoenix Arizona, performed both clinical and basic science research, wrote a book and several articles in peer review publications. He also aided in the development of the bioengineering department at Arizona State University. He has served on the boards of most of his professional societies and was a consultant for Zimmer Holdings for many years.

Following his clinical career, he became a chief medical officer at two community hospitals. Since summer 2015, he has devoted most of his time to serving as an adjunct professor in the biomedical engineering department at Cornell and recently has taught a course he developed entitled " Business as a second language: From molecules to moola!" to introduce basic business and managerial skills to both undergraduate and graduate science, engineering, and technology majors.

He is currently the founder and CEO of Geri-Safe, Ltd., a start-up company whose mission is to develop and license innovative technology to improve the safety and well being of elderly individuals.

Bob also serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) as part of Entrepreneurship at Cornell. Here, he helps fill in the knowledge gap of science, technology, engineering and healthcare students and faculty between their technologies and the clinical experience, as well as helping to get that technology into the marketplace.

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