Kaavian Shariati

Kaavian Shariati, M.Eng. 2019

“The mere presence of opportunities to pursue research in whatever category we would like has been huge for me,” Shariati says. “It totally adjusted my career trajectory. It helped me identify a path for myself.” Read more

Karan Raje

Alumni Spotlight: Karan Raje, M.Eng. 2013

"The core courses of the M.Eng were critical in helping sharpen my foundational knowledge of BME, and elective courses such “Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers” played a big role in me pursuing a start-up post Cornell." Read more

Qiwei (Alex) Li

Alumni Spotlight: Qiwei (Alex) Li, M.Eng. 2019

"The BME MEng at Cornell was the perfect fit for me . . . what really appealed to me was the flexibility of choices in choosing your path in the large field of biomedical engineering and the opportunity to work with industry experts and physicians on solving real-world medical problems." Read more

Lee Puckett

Lee Puckett, M.Eng. '19

"Cornell University is an esteemed institution willing to provide resources to ensure that each student can make the most out of their educational experience." Read more

Geoffrey Rouin

Geoffrey Rouin, M.Eng. '19

"BME allows you to have a broad variety of experience and leverage that interdisciplinary experience in solving problems that face the field of medicine." Read more

Bina Julian

Alumni Spotlight: Bina Julian, M.Eng. 2006

Throughout her tenure at Cornell (B.S. ‘05, M.Eng. ‘06), Bina Julian pursued her passion for hands-on teaching in both physiological engineering and the molecular principles of biomedical engineering... Read more