Mariela Rivera-De Jesús

Mariela Rivera-De Jesús

"I’m developing vaccines that better mimic pathogens and can activate the memory of the immune system as if it was the real thing, derived from harmless bacteria. These types of vaccines are very versatile, safe, and easy to produce. My particular project focuses on combining different immune activators on one molecule to enhance the immune response." Read more

Alex Clark

Alex Clark, Ph.D. Student

"Because the BME department has faculty in both Ithaca and NYC, I had the opportunity to rotate in labs on both campuses during my first semester. At Weill Cornell, I loved the biomedical research environment and access to the amazing faculty and clinical research opportunities at the adjacent institutions (Memorial Sloan Kettering, Rockefeller University, and NY Presbyterian)." Read more

Marguerite Pacheco

Meet Marguerite Pacheco

When Marguerite Pacheco was in high school she was on the track team. Her events were the 800 meters, the one-mile run, and the two-mile run. During coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London... Read more

Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller, Ph.D. 2018

Miller was recruited by the world's largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, in 2015 and accepted a position in investment research in 2016 while simultaneously completing his dissertation. In 2020, Miller left Bridgewater Associates and is focusing on his entrepreneurial endeavors. Read more

Bailey Cooper

Bailey Cooper, Ph.D. 2016

After graduating, Cooper joined the faculty of Virginia Tech’s Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics Department as the university was developing a new undergraduate BME program. When the new major launched in the fall of 2018, she joined the Formulation Development Group (FDG) at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Read more

Korie Grayson

Korie Grayson, Ph.D. 2020

"I chose Cornell because of the welcoming atmosphere and sense of diverse community and collaboration exuded by the university and its leaders. Cornell is a place that allows for ideas to be heard and spread as the motto “any person…any study” holds true." Read more

Johana Uribe

Johana Uribe, Ph.D. Student

"Cornell’s diversity is for me one of the main reasons why this place is an amazing place to develop not just my academic/research skills, but also my personal character." Read more

Nancy Ruiz-Uribe, Ph.D. Student

Nancy Ruiz-Uribe, Ph.D. Student

"I love being able to collaborate with scientists from different disciplines, such as immunology, neuroscience, microscopy and computer science in order to develop creative and innovative solutions for very hard problems." Read more

Jeremy Keys

Jeremy Keys, Ph.D. Student

"My research looks at the biological and physical factors which regulate the spread of cancer throughout the body. Specifically, I am interested in how cancer cells generate forces to help squeeze their nucleus through tight spaces in biological tissues." Read more