Alexander Sorets

Alexander Sorets, B.S. '19

"I have been able to conduct research in a lab and be a teaching assistant for two courses. I believe that the BME major helped a lot when I was applying to Ph.D. programs, in that I could discuss current research with professors at a high level due to the number of papers I have read for my classes." Read more

Paula Fraczek

Paula Fraczek, B.S. '19

"Being able to interact closely with world-class faculty—each with their own fascinating backgrounds and research areas—was something I didn’t expect to have at my disposal when I first began my undergraduate career. I learned to appreciate it even more when I learned that students in larger majors didn’t have the same connections with their professors as BME students do." Read more

Cassidy Mileti

Cassidy Mileti, B.S. '19

"The practical laboratory classes have been extremely valuable in building various skills which have given me a strong, broad foundation for biomedical research." Read more

Crystal Lee

Crystal Lee, B.S. '19

"The design lab is literally an engineer’s playground, and it’s where we got to put our degrees to the test. It’s up to you and your team to use all of the knowledge you’ve accumulated through four years to make your project a success." Read more

Margaret Hale

Margaret Hale, B.S. '18

"I have always cared deeply about people, and BME seemed like the best way to combine this passion with my love of the STEM field and innovation." Read more

Julia Telischi

Julia Telischi, B.S. '18

"I liked that there is breadth and depth of academic opportunity here . . . I could take high caliber courses in almost any subject I desired." Read more

Hannah Childs

Hannah Childs, B.S. '18

"[At Cornell BME] I get to experience all of the best parts of physiology and human health but from the macroscale to even the nanoscale perspective, and I am not limited to textbooks in my learning." Read more

Rohan Roy

Rohan Roy, B.S. '18

"Cornell has one of the best engineering schools in the country, and I was drawn by the opportunities for undergraduates to do research with faculty." Read more