BMES Undergraduate Student Leadership

Andrew Kassin

President: Andrew Kassin

My name is Andrew, and I'm from Chappaqua, NY. I’m a senior majoring in BME with a concentration in Molecular, Cellular, and Systems Engineering. Currently, I am involved in the DEBUT project team, as well as research. I’m also involved in Greek life, and of course the BMES! Outside of academics, I love to play basketball, hang out with friends, and enjoy cool food spots!

Karnavaal Al-Rubayie

Vice President: Karnavaal Al-Rubayie

My name is Karnavaal I am from Rochester, NY.  I am a junior studying BME with a concentration in biomaterials and drug delivery. Currently I am involved in research on DEBUT and work in the Putnam Lab. On Campus I am involved in EARS, TIP, and eMed. Outside of academics I love to read classic books and paint. 

Elyona Ihegihu

Secretary: Elyona Ihegihu

Hi! My name is Ellie and I’m a current senior studying BME with a concentration in Molecular, Cellular and System Engineering. On campus, I am involved in research in the Jiang Lab as in my project team, Cornell Biomedical Device. Outside of academics I enjoy singing with my a-cappella group the Callbaxx, reading and baking

Gabe Dingemans

Treasurer: Gabe Dingemans

My name is Gabe, and I am a junior majoring in Biology with a minor in Business. I am from New York City, NY and am pursuing the Investment Banking track. On campus, in addition to the BMES, I am an active member of Cornell Finance Club, and in my free time I lift, play soccer, and do photography.



Alessandra Good

Professional and Academic Development Chair: Alessandra Good

Hi! My name is Alessandra and I am from Enfield, Connecticut. I am a junior studying biomedical engineering with a concentration in molecular/cellular/systems. I am also pursuing the Dyson business minor for engineers and studying abroad during Spring 2023. On campus, I’ve worked for a cancer research lab in the biology department, and currently am a member of Cornell DEBUT and Alpha Omega Epsilon STEM sorority. Outside of academics, I love fashion, creating art, and powerlifting. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Sara Lok

Outreach Chair: Sara Lok

My name is Sara, I am a sophomore hoping to major in BME with a concentration in biomaterials and drug delivery. Outside of the society I am part of the J^2 lab and Debut project team. I grew up in Long Island, NY which is right outside of NYC. I also enjoy playing guitar and tennis in my free time.

Silene Reyes

Social Chair: Silene Reyes

Hi, my name is Silene. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I’m currently a junior in BME concentrating in Molecular, Cellular, and Systems Engineering. My main area of passion in medicine is tissue regeneration, but I have a wide range of interests that extend to programming and cognitive sciences. In my spare time, I go out to explore nature and work on digital art..