Poster Presentations

Following is the schedule for poster presentations by Meinig School and affiliates occurring at the annual BMES meeting.

Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center, Exhibit Hall DE, 9:30am – 5:00pm daily

Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center 
Exhibit Hall DE, 9:30am – 5:00pm 

Thursday, October 17

#92     “Investigating The Role Of The Nuclear Envelope Proteins In Mechanosensitive Gene Expression Of Muscle Cells Using Precision Nuclear Run-On Sequencing (PRO-seq)”
    J. Long, G. Fedorchak, T. Kirby, J. Lammerding
    Track: Cellular and Molecular Biomechanics: Mechanobiology • Biomechanics • Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering 

#214    “In Situ Phylogenetics to Spatially Map Complex Microbial Communities”
    B. Grodner, H. Shi, I. Brito, I. De Vlaminck
    Track: Targeted or Responsive Delivery Systems • Drug Delivery

#419     “Quinidine-Polymer Conjugates to Reverse P-Glycoprotein Mediated Drug Efflux in Multidrug Resistant Cancers”
    S. Snyder, D. Putnam 
    Track: Thrombosis and Hemostasis • Cardiovascular Engineering

#538     “Numerical Simulation of VWF Unfolding and Thrombus Growth in a Stagnation Point Microchannel”
    M. Zhussupbekov, W. Wu, J. Antaki 
    Track: Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation • Translational Biomedical Engineering • Imaging Technologies in Clinical Translation

#568    “3D Printing Heterogeneous Hydrogels for Replicating Patient Specific Calcified Aortic Valve Disease”
    B. Albert, J. Butcher
    Track: 3D Printing and Advanced Biomaterial Manufacturing • Biomanufacturing • Biomaterials

#732    “Lifestyle Factors Influencing Arterial Stiffness in the Developing World”

    J. Kohn, K. Reis, R. Peck
    Track: Cardiovascular Biomechanics • Cardiovascular Engineering • Biomechanics

#795    “Mechanical Stress Induces Fetal Ventricular Syncytial Organization And Contractility In Vitro”

    G. Scuderi, M. Mantri, A. Vejalla, I. De Vlaminck, J. Butcher
    Track: Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering • Cardiovascular Engineering • Tissue Engineering

#974    “Using Crocheted Art and Social Media to Communicate Science and Promote Diversity”

    A. Porras
    Track: Classroom Technology, Pedagogy and Innovation • Biomedical Engineering Education (BME)


Friday, October 18

#457    “Detergent-Free Decellularization Preserves Structural Integrity Of Tendon Extracellular Matrix”

    J. Marvin, A. Mochida, J. Paredes, N. Andarawis-Puri
    Track: Naturally-Derived and Extracellular Matrix Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering • Tissue Engineering • Biomaterials

#690    “The Role of Hemodynamics and Viscoelasticity on the Pre-Vascularization of Thick, Bioengineered Tissues”

    C. Stephens, E. Stowe, J. Spector, J. Butcher.
    Track: Printing and Patterning in Tissues • Tissue Engineering

#711    “Integrating Single-Cell and Nascent RNA Sequencing to Identify Regulatory Factors in Myogenesis”

    D. McKellar, A. De Micheli, M. Wang, S. Chou, C. Danko, B. Cosgrove, I. De Vlaminck
    Track: Single-Cell Measurements and Models (*Comp & Systems Bio) • Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering • Bioinformatics, Computational and Systems Biology

#723    “Tissue Engineered IVD’s Show Enhanced Collagen Alignment At Sub-Physiologic Levels Of Glucose”

    M. Lintz, L. Bonassar
    Track: Spine and Intervertebral Disc • Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Engineering

#763   “Monitoring the Transfer of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Patients with Neutropenia using Bacterial Hi-C”

    A. Kent, A. Vill, Q. Shi, M. Satlin, I. Brito
    Track: Systems Approaches to Therapy, Therapeutics, and Precision Medicine • Bioinformatics, Computational and Systems Biology

#787    “Exploring Effect of Implant Shell on Patient-Derived BIA-ALCL Cells in Ex Vivo Biomimetic Breast Tissue”

    I. Premaratne, M. Wright, A. Miller, R. Zhao, D. Lara, A. Samadi, G. Inghirami, K. Brown, J. Spector
    Track: Tissue/Organoid Biofabrication • Biomanufacturing • Translational Biomedical Engineering

#886   “Depth-dependent Shear Modulus of TMJ Condylar Cartilage Varies with Anatomic”

    C. Gologorsky, J. Middendorf, I. Cohen, L. Bonassar
    Track: Articular Cartilage, Meniscus and Joints • Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Engineering

#921    “In Vitro High-Speed Visualization Of Ingested And Ejected Thrombus From The HeartMate II And HVAD Left Ventricular Assist Devices”

    G. Rowlands, J. Antaki, F. Pagani, V. Lauenroth, M. Morshuis, J. Gummert
    Track: Cardiovascular Devices • Cardiovascular Engineering • Device Technologies and Biomedical Robotics

#994    “Linking Mobile Genes with their Bacterial Hosts in Natural Gut Communities”

    P. Diebold, I. Brito
    Track: Single-Cell Measurements and Models • Bioinformatics, Computational and Systems Biology • Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering


Saturday, October 19

#136    “Calibrating Center-to-Center Distance Between 3D Printable Heterogeneous Hydrogels to Increase Geometric Fidelity in Calcific Aortic Valve Disease Models”
    M. Rozenblum, B. Albert, J. Butcher
    Track: Biomaterials • Undergraduate Research & Design • Biomaterials

#140    “A Comparison of Fabrication Materials for 3D Printed Nasal Scaffolds for Nasal Reconstructive Surgery”
    W. Taubner, I. Premaratne, A. Samadi, A. Thomas, A. Lin, J. Spector
    Track: Biomaterials • Undergraduate Research & Design • Biomaterials

#156    “Parathyroid Hormone Pretreatment Attenuates the Development of Load-Induced Osteoarthritis”
    A. Brown, S. Ziemian, M. Otero, M. van der Meulen
    Track: Biomechanics • Undergraduate Research & Design • Biomechanics

#370    “Tensile Stress and Environmental Effects on Valve Interstitial Cells”
    J. Shih, T. Gee, J. Butcher
    Track: Cardiovascular Engineering • Undergraduate Research & Design • Cardiovascular Engineering

#620    “Motion Tracking for Understanding Spinal Cord Neuron Control of Limb Movement and Gait”
    S. Kraus, C. Schaffer, K. Lett, Y. Cheng
    Track: Neural Engineering •  Undergraduate Research & Design • Neural Engineering

#835    “Feasibility of a Low-cost Electrical Impedance Spectrometer for Investigating Cell-Saline Suspensions”
    J. Matthews, L. Bonassar
    Track: Tissue Engineering • Undergraduate Research & Design • Tissue Engineering