Platform Presentations

Meinig School and affiliates platform presentations occurring at the annual BMES meeting in 2022 will be updated here as information becomes available.

Thursday, Oct 13, 2022

8:00am-9:30am CDT

Location: 206, Convention Center
Cellular and Molecular Biomechanics: Mechanobiology 1 
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – How Lamin Mutations Cause Heart Disease 
Presenter: Noam Zuela – Sopilniak;  Principal Investigator: Jan Lammerding

Location: 216 AB, Convention Center
Cancer Technologies - Cardiovascular Engineering 
Engineering Emergent Heart Valve Pathogenesis at the Bench 
Presenter: Jonathan Butcher

Location: 007 B, Convention Center 
Use of viral and non-viral approaches for the delivery of nucleic acids - Drug Delivery 
Phosphatidylserine Lipid Nanoparticles Promote Systemic RNA Delivery to Secondary Lymphoid Organs 
Presenter: Sijin Luozhong; Principal Investigator: Shaoyi Jiang


1:00pm-2:30pm CDT

Location: 214 A, Convention Center
Nano and Micro Technologies 
Design of Targeted Antimicrobial Macromolecules 
Presenter: Christopher Alabi (BME Field Faculty)

Location: 007 B, Convention Center
Nucleic Acid Delivery 2  - Use of viral and non-viral approaches for the delivery of nucleic acids. Drug Delivery 
Engineered Virus-like Extracellular Vesicle for Encapsulation and In Vivo Delivery of mRNA into The Brain 
Presenter: Wenchao Gu; Principal Investigator: Shaoyi Jiang

Friday, October 14, 2022

8:00am-9:30am CDT

Location: 214 D, Convention Center
Mechanisms of cancer cell migration and invasion  - Cancer Technologies 
Contraction of the rear cortex aids in nuclear transit during confined migration through generation of intracellular pressure in the cell posterior 
Presenter: Jan Lammerding

Location: 214 A, Convention Center
Engineering Organ-on-Chip Systems, Nano and Micro Technologies 
ISF-dependent AQP4 Expression Directs Protein Aggregation in Microfluidic Glymphatics System 
Presenter: Aria Henderson; Principal Investigator: Esak Lee

Location: 006 A, Convention Center
3D Bioprinting and Patterning of Tissues 1 - Tissue Engineering 
A Biofabricated Conduit Structure to Reconstitute Lymphatic Valve Formation in 3D 
Presenter: Renhao Lu; Principal Investigator: Esak Lee


1:00pm-2:30pm CDT

Location: 214 A, Convention Center
Microfluidic Engineering for Biomedical Applications - Nano and Micro Technologies 
Surface Patterned Omniphobic Tiles (SPOTs) for Evaluating Antibiotic Pairs on Bacterial Growth 
Presenter: Jon Albo; Principal Investigator: Nate Cira

Location: 214 B, Convention Center
Articular Cartilage - Orthopedic and Rehabilitation engineering 
Cartilage Loading Immediately Following Impact Injury Mitigates Chondrocyte Death in-vitro 
Presenter: Caroline Thompson; Principal Investigator: Lawrence Bonassar


3:30pm-5:00pm CDT

Location: 214 D, Convention Center

  • Biomechanics in Cell and Tissue Engineering - Bone metastasis and dormancy  - Cancer Technologies 
    Doxorubicin Reduces Bone Matrix Formation by Altering Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Phenotype 
    Presenter: Shola Karimu; Principal Investigator: Claudia Fischbach
  • Matrix demineralization promotes breast cancer metastasis by altering the bone microenvironment 
    Presenter: Matthew Whitman; Principal Investigator: Claudia Fischbach

Location: 007 A, Convention Center
Protein & vaccine 2 
A Low-immunogenic Genetically-fusible Zwitterionic Polypeptide 
Presenter: Patrick McMullen; Principal Investigator: Shaoyi Jiang

Location: 006 A, Convention Center
Engineering Replacement Tissues  - Tissue Engineering 
Static Stretch Improves Mechanical Properties and Maturation of Tissue Engineered Heart Valves 
Presenter: Benjamin Albert; Principal Investigator: Jonathan Butcher


Saturday, October 15, 2022

8:00am-9:30am CDT

Location: 207, Convention Center
Mechanics of the Respiratory System - Tumor microenvironment I - Cancer Technologies 
Engineered Tumor-Stroma Models to Study New Roles of Hyaluronic Acid in Breast Cancer Invasion 
Presenter: Brittany Schutrum; Principal Investigator: Claudia Fischbach