Platform Presentations

Following are the Meinig School and affiliates platform presentations occurring at the annual BMES meeting, 2019.

Location: Pennsylvania Convention Center

Thursday, October  17

Platform Session   •   Thurs – 2   •   1:30pm – 3:00pm 

2:45 PM
“Spatial Pattern of Cellular Response of Articular Cartilage to Mechanical Injury Depends on Impact Magnitude” 
 S. Ayala, M. Delco, L. Fortier, I. Cohen, L. Bonassar 
Track: Rehabilitation Biomechanics – Biomechanics • Thurs - 2 – 2, Room 125

Platform Session   •   Thurs – 3    •   1:45 PM - 5:15 PM

2:00 PM 
“Feasibility of Rapid Liver Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping in Clinical Practice”
R. Jafari, P. Spincemaille, M. Prince, Y. Wang
Track: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Applications - Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation • Thurs - 3 – 7, Room 121A 

Platform Session   •   Thurs – 3    •   3:45 PM - 5:15 PM

5:00 PM 
“Lymphoid Immune Cells and Toll Like Receptors Regulate Therapeutic Response in Human Lymphomas”
S. Shah, K. Lee, N. Felix-Velez, A. Singh
Track: Cancer Immunoengineering II - Cancer Technologies • Thurs - 3 – 8, Room 121B 

5:00 PM 
“Metabolic Requirements for Cancer Cell Migration in Confined 3D Environments”
E. Bell, P. Isermann, T. Gopalan, N. Zuela-Sopilniak, W. Zipfel, J. Lammerding 
Track: Signaling and Metabolic Engineering - Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering • Thurs - 3 – 11, Room 120B 


Friday, October  18

Platform Session   •  Fri - 1   •   8:00am – 9:30am

“Spatial Pattern of Cellular Response of Articular Cartilage to Mechanical Injury Depends on Impact Magnitude”
S. Ayala, M. Delco, L. Fortier, I. Cohen, L. Bonassar 
Track: Orthopedic Biomechanics - Biomechanics - Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Engineering • Fri - 1 – 2, Room 125 

“Nanoneedles for miRNA-based Engineering of T Cells for Cancer Immunotherapy”
S. Kim, K. Yee Mon, A. Grimson, B. D. Rudd, A. Singh
Track: Immunotherapy - Nano and Micro Technologies • Fri - 1 – 4, Room 115A 

“Litmus-bodies: Molecularly Targeted Sensors for Cell Surface pH Measurements”
M. Goudge, J. Kuo, A. Metzloff, L. Huang, M. Colville, M. Paszek
Track: Tumor Microenvironment I - Cancer Technologies • Fri - 1 – 8, Room 121B

“Collagen Mineralization Increases Breast Cancer Stem-like Properties and Resistance to Doxorubicin”
S. Choi, A. Shimpi, J. Druso, M. Whitman, A. Chiou, L. Estroff, C. Fischbach
Track: Engineering the Stem Cell Microenvironment - Biomaterials • Fri - 1 – 14, Room 119B 

“Biomaterials to Study the Effects of ECM Stiffness and IL-8 on Obesity-associated Breast Cancer”
B. Schutrum , J. Freedman, K. Wittmann, J. Sievers, U. Freudenberg, C. Werner, C. Fischbach
Track: Hydrogels IV - Biomaterials • Fri - 1 – 13, Room 119A

“Mechanical Performance of Collagen Gels is Dependent on Purity, lower case Greek alpha1/lower case Greek alpha2 Ratio, and Telopeptides”
L. Slyker, N. Diamantides, J. Kim, L. Bonassar
Track: Cartilage, Meniscus, and Intervertebral Disc Tissue Engineering - Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Engineering - Tissue Engineering • Fri - 1 – 3, Room 124 

Platform Session   •  Fri - 2   •   1:15pm – 2:45pm

“Breast Cancer-Associated Changes of Bone Mineral Matrix as Regulators of Skeletal Metastasis”
C. Fischbach
Track: Tumor Microenvironment II - Cancer Technologies • Fri - 2 - 8, Room 121B 

“Confined Cell Migration Induces Nuclear Volume Expansion And Blebbing By Triggering RhoA-Mediated Nuclear Influx”
E. Wisniewski, P. Mistriotis, K. Bera, J. Keys, Y. Li, S. Tuntithavornwat, R. Law, E. Erdogmus, Y. Zhang, R. Zhao, S. Sun, P. Kalab, J. Lammerding, K. Konstantopoulos
Track: Cell Mechanobiology - Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering • Fri - 2 – 11, Room 120B 

“Identifying Components of the Gut Microbiome and Influences Bone Tissue Mechanical Properties”
C. Hernandez, M. Luna, L. Vasquez-Bolanos
Track: Bone Mechanics and Mechanobiology - Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Engineering • Fri - 2 – 3, Room 124 

“Multiscale Study of Blood Coagulation in a Simulated Oxygenator Hollow Fiber Bundle”
A. Lai, N. Omori, J. Antaki, K. Cook
Track: Coagulation Pathophysiology and Therapeutics - Cardiovascular Engineering • Fri - 2 – 10, Room 120A


Platform Session   •  Fri - 3   •   3:30pm – 5:00pm

“Nuclear Deformability and Expression of Lamin A/C as Predictors of Metastatic Potential in Breast Cancer Cells”
E. Bell, P. Shah, A. McGregor, P. Isermann, D. Kim, M. Smolka, P. Span, J. Lammerding
Track: Cancer Cell Migration - Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering - Cancer Technologies • Fri - 3 – 11, Room 120B 

“Obesity-associated Adipose Stromal Cells Promote Invasion Of Premalignant Breast Cancer Cells”
L. Ling, Y. Ouyang, J. Mulligan, S. Adie, C. Fischbach 
Track: Tumor Microenvironment III - Cancer Technologies • Fri - 3 – 8, Room 121B

“Oncogenic Extracellular Vesicles Derived Supported Bilayer as a Platform for Cell Culture to Understand Interactions between Adipose Stem Cells and Oncogenic Extracellular Vesicles”
J. Uribe, H. Liu, C. Fischbach, S. Daniel
Track: Tissue Engineered Disease Models - Tissue Engineering • Fri - 3 – 15, Room 118A

“Extended, Local Release of Interleukin-4 to Alleviate Reactive Astrogliosis Following a Spinal Cord Injury”
M. Gottipati, A. D’Amato, P. Popovich, Y. Wang, R. Gilbert
Track: Treatments for SCI and PNS injuries - Neural Engineering • Fri - 3 – 20, Room 115C

“Immunomodulatory Nanogels Overcome Restricted Immunity in a Murine Model of Gut Microbiome–mediated Metabolic Syndrome”
M. Mosquera, I. Brito, A. Singh 
Track: Biomaterials for Immunoengineering II – Biomaterials • Fri - 3 – 14, Room 119B



Saturday, October  19

Platform Session   •  Sat - 2   •   1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

“Notch regulation of Valvular Cell Endochondral Remodeling Mechanisms”
T. Gee, J. Shih, J. Butcher 
Track: Heart Valve Remodeling in Health and Disease - Cardiovascular Engineering • Sat - 2 – 10, Room 120A

“Developing A Safe And Functional Nanofibrous Cell Encapsulation Device For Type I Diabetes”
X. Wang, M. Ma
Track: Biomaterials Scaffolds II – Biomaterials • Sat - 2 – 14, Room 119B

Platform Session   •  Sat - 3   •   3:15 PM - 4:45 PM

“Single-cell hierarchical analysis identifies heterotypic ligand-receptor communication signals in skeletal muscle regeneration”
A. De Micheli, I. De Vlaminck, O. Elemento, B. Cosgrove
Track: Single Cell Measurements and Models - Bioinformatics, Computational and Systems Biology • Sat - 3 – 5, Room 122B

“Mutant Lamins Cause Nuclear Envelope Rupture and DNA Damage in Skeletal Muscle Cells”
T. Kirby, A. Earle, G. Fedorchak, P. Isermann, J. Patel, S. Iruvanti, L. Wallrath, J. Lammerding
Track: Engineering Approaches to Human Diseases - Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering • Sat - 3 – 13, Room 119B 

“Monitoring Infection and Tissue Injury due to Host Pathogen Interaction via Cell-Free DNA”
J. Han, A. Cheng, P. Burnham, J. Lee, M. Cheng, M. Suthanthiran, D. Dadhania, I. De Vlaminck
Track: Engineering Approaches to Human Diseases - Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering • Sat - 3 – 13, Room 119B 

“Adipose Stromal Cells Promote The Invasion Of Pre-Malignant Breast Epithelial Cells As A Function Of Obesity”
Y. Ouyang, L. Ling, C. Fischbach
Track: Undergraduate Research & Design Orals #3 - Undergraduate Research & Design • Room 116

“Geographic Differences in Gut Microbiota Composition Affect Susceptibility to Enteric Infection”
 A. Porras, Q. Shi, R. Callahan, G. Montenegro, N. Solomons, I. Brito
Track: Engineering Approaches to Human Diseases - Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering • Sat - 3 – 13, Room 119B