Joining BME

Affiliation Requirements:

To affiliate, students must have a cumulative grade point average (CUM GPA) of greater than 2.0 and complete all affiliation requirements below by the start of their junior year.

Course and Grade Requirements:

  • Completion of BIOMG 1350 with a grade of at least C-.
    • A 5 on AP Bio can substitute for BIOMG 1350. Other advanced placement (AP, IB, GCE credit) CANNOT be used to satisfy this requirement. BIOG 1440 cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.
  • Designated Engineering Common Curriculum to be completed before affiliation:
    • MATH 1910, 1920, 2930
    • PHYS 1112, 2213
    • CHEM 2090
    • BME 2000/ENGRD 2202
    • Any ENGRI
    • CS 111X (CS 1112 strongly recommended)
  • Minimum GPA of 2.4 in required math, science, and engineering courses completed with at most one grade below C-. Research/project team credit does not apply to this GPA. For any course that is repeated, the two grades will be averaged.

Participation in volunteer engagement/science-based community/internship/project team/laboratory research activity at Cornell is encouraged.

Cornell freshmen and sophomores interested in affiliation with BME should contact Ryan Sauve, BME Undergraduate Coordinator at or 607/254-3368.

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