News: BME

The Meinig School M.Eng. Program

Biomedical engineering (BME) strives to develop new tools to improve human health. At Cornell’s Meinig School , our goal is to understand the human body as an integrated system through quantitative engineering analysis, and then to develop better therapies, devices, and diagnostics. Our focus is to predict how changes at the molecular level relate to the cellular, tissue/organ, and ultimately to whole body level responses. Cornell's M.Eng. Degree in BME focuses on professional practice and engineering design. Our five main areas are: instrumentation & diagnostics, biomedical mechanics,...

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Meet the 2018 NSF Fellows

The Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering proudly congratulates Ph.D. students Jason Chang (Andarawis-Puri Lab), Monideepa Chatterjee (Andarawis-Puri Lab), Carolyn Chlebek ( van der Meulen Lab ), Joseph Long ( Lammerding Lab ), Brittany Schutrum ( Fischbach Lab ), Regan Stephenson ( Singh Lab ), Tibra Wheeler ( Singh Lab ), and Matt Whitman ( Fischbach Lab ), as well as one undergraduate senior, Joseph Kim ( Cosgrove Lab ), who each recently won a 2018 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship (GRFP). The NSF GRFP offers 3 years of stipend support during a 5-year...

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