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Joining BME

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Core Engineering Curriculum
All undergraduate engineering students matriculate to Cornell without a declared major. This is so that each student can explore and make an informed choice on which major they choose to affiliate with. All engineering majors require a combination of core math and science courses, as well as engineering distribution courses and writing seminars in preparation for affiliation, which takes place at the end of the third semester. The particular course selection required for affiliation into each major is largely overlapping but not identical. Please see the most recent version of the Cornell Engineering Undergraduate Handbook for specific information on each major, especially p. 28 (additional information on BME affiliation requirements) and p.40, the typical flow chart of courses taken by undergraduates interested in BME affiliation. For BME, we require math, biology, chemistry, and physics training, in addition to computer science.


Affiliation Requirements:
Students in the College of Engineering apply for affiliation with a major at the end of their third semester. To affiliate, students must have a cumulative grade point average (CUM GPA) of greater than 2.0 and complete all core requirements by the end of the third semester.

To affiliate with the BME major, contact Ryan Sauve, BME Undergraduate Coordinator in 108 Weill Hall,

Grade Requirements:

  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 in required math, science, and engineering courses completed with at most one grade below C-. Research/project team credit does not apply to this GPA.
  • Completion of BIOMG 1350 and BIOG 1500 with grades of at least C. Advanced Placement (AP, IB, GCE credit) CANNOT be used to satisfy this requirement. BIOG 1440 cannot be used to satisfy this requirement for students enter Fall 2017 and after.
  • Completion of CS1110/1112/1114/1115 and ENGRD2202 with minimum combined GPA of 2.5 and no grade less than C-
  • Completion of designated College of Engineering common curriculum by the end of semester 3 of sophomore year (see list below)
  • For any course that is repeated, the two grades will be averaged
  • Meeting the above requirements does not guarantee affiliation with the BME major. During the first years of this new major a selection process balancing the above criteria will be required to manage enrollment. A supplemental application will be distributed by BME upon receipt of the College of Engineering's "Application for Major Affiliation"
  • Participation in volunteer engagement/science-based community /internship / project team / laboratory research activity at Cornell is encouraged
  • Engineering Common Curriculum to be completed by end of semester 3 of sophomore year:
    • MATH 1910, 1920, 2930
    • PHYS 1112, 2213
    • CHEM 2090
    • BME/ENGRD 2202
    • Any ENGRI
    • CS 111X

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