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Service Activities

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In This Section:

Most of Doerschuk's service activities have been internal to the university.  At Purdue University he organized the graduate program of the Biomedical Engineering program and then department in the late 1990s and did a lot of work associated with the founding of the department in 1998 and the start of an undergraduate degree program soon thereafter.  At Cornell University he was the Director of Graduate Studies for the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Field from 2007 until August 2013 as the Field grew to matriculating about 18 Ph.D. students and about 70 Master of Engineering students per year.  Since August 2013 he has been the Master of Engineering Coordinator with continuing responsibility for just the Master of Engineering students.

Starting in January 2014, Doerschuk is the section chair for the Ithaca section of the IEEE.  This is one of the smaller IEEE sections but is also one of the older sections.  There is a long and distinguished history of electrical engineering in Ithaca:  The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell University is the oldest in the country and Ezra Cornell, after whom Cornell University is named, was one of the original high-tech electrical entrepreneurs since he made his money in the telegraph business!