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M.Eng Projects

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BME 5910: Design Project

The M.Eng. project is typically a 6 credit project performed over two semesters. It is called a "project" rather than a "thesis" because groups of students can collaborate on the project, the project can be industrially sponsored, and the project can continue from year-to-year with an evolving group of students. The common sources of projects are the BME faculty, industrial colleagues, and clinicians in the Medical and Veterinary colleges. The character of different projects is highly variable, e.g., a project might be primarily a theoretical study (e.g., aerodynamics of a neonatal respirator) or might be primarily a laboratory experiment (e.g., tissue engineering of an intravertebral disc).

The complete listing of BME Design Projects including further information and images is available here.

Projects listed by sponsor: 

Sponsor Project*  BME Faculty Member 
Black/Ultramet  Dispenser and Packaging System Design for Novel Conformable Bone Graft Material

See also: Orientation Slides for JB Projects
Black/CeramTec  Improved, Reusable Ceramic-Metal Modular Interfaces for Total Hip Replacements JB 
Black/Dimensionless Innovations In Vitro Anterior Cruciate Ligament Mechanics Simulator Sponsor  JB
Black/TMJ Assoc. LLC Functional Repair of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) JB
Black/TMJ Assoc. LLC  Multimodal Pain Control of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder JB
Black  Improving Safety and Utility of Closed Chain Exercise Equipment for Seniors  JB 
Black In Vitro Simulation and Evaluation of Total Hip Replacement Component Insertion  JB 
Black/Dimentionless Innovations In Vitro Anterior Cruciate Ligament Mechanics Simulator  JB
Daniel Fletcher, DVM High fidelity dog and cat simulators for veterinary training DVM 
William Frayer  Infant respiratory monitor for Global Health WF/JT
William Frayer  IV Controller for Global Health WF/JT
Welch-Allyn Patch Thermometry JT 
Welch-Allyn Environmentally Powered Blood Pressure Monitor  JT
John Cheseborough, III Design of radiation hardened motion control system (ArcKnife) for focal cancer ablation DL/JT 
Jengwha Cheng Moving lung tumor treatment simulator DL/JT

Sponsor Project** BME Faculty Member 
Welch-Allyn Digital Otoscopy (Tympanic Membrane Visualization)  JT
Nozomi Nishimura Design and construction of a two-photon excited fluorescence microscope NN
Peter Doerschuk  A web server for structural biology calculations  PD 
Peter Doerschuk  Measuring the accuracy of structural biology results by comparing image predictions and image data  PD 
Peter Doerschuk  Controlling large parallel structural biology calculations with python scripts  PD 
Peter Doerschuk  Software engineering for a distributed memory high performance image processing system  PD 
William Olbricht  Ultrasound enhancement of drug delivery to the brain  WO 
William Frayer  IV Controller for Global Health WF/JT
Michael Wilson/Dycor  Neurocorrelagrahic Device  DL/JT 
John Cheseborough, III  Design of motion control and optical tracking systems (ArcKnife) for focal cancer ablation  DL/JT 
Jengwha Cheng  Moving Lung tumor treatment simulator  DL/JT 

*mechanical engineering skills recommended for projects
**electrical engineering skills recommended for projects